The World Relief Network

Providing Knowledge of Reality Distinguished From Illusion for the Welfare of All

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Detroit, Michigan, 48215--0082  U.S.A.


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    In accordance with our motto, the mission of the World Relief Network is to make the world a better place for everyone by "Providing knowledge of reality distinguished from illusion for the welfare of all." How we are willing to work for this is:

bulletTo network across the globe in a concerted effort with individuals and organizations  who also have this goal. Finding solutions to the world's problems and developing the necessary cooperation is not a one-man job. It involves everyone on the planet. And we are willing to work with as many people as possible who share this vision. That is the only way we can raise the mass consciousness on this planet to bring about any major changes for serious progress. That is why we base our activities on light, love, spirituality, and the willingness to share these with others.

In order to do this, The World Relief Network feels its primary service is to provide the information and knowledge by which people can better understand who they really are. This does not mean to merely spread an altruistic, philanthropic, or conventional religious philosophy. It means to spread that spiritual knowledge by which people can understand and directly perceive that they are not merely these temporary bodies, but are eternal spirit souls, and that they have far more potential and possibilities than they might think. That they have an eternal nature that is much higher than their limited material perception of themselves. And that the challenges or difficulties that the universe gives us are not problems to solve but lessons for learning more about ourselves and who we are.

bulletOur contention is that the basis of this universe is compassion and love, and all beauty is a reflection of that love from God. However, the difficulties we encounter are often caused by a disconnection from the Supreme and societies' misguided aims of life due to their forgetfulness of who they really are and their blind attachment to the temporary. Ultimately, the consciousness of mankind determines the kind of world in which we live. How we adjust our consciousness is what makes all the difference. This is why we publish the books that we do, by Stephen Knapp, which contain this essential information. 


bulletBecause of the above points, it is The World Relief Network's primary function to spread that knowledge which has proved to help raise our consciousness to the highest possible level. Such a high consciousness is also power, power for the individual who attains it to be free from much of the illusory nature of this world, and to hold himself or herself away from the pretensions and needless actions that pull one into the depths of the illusion, and the suffering that exists therein. This is what is called a spiritual vision--perceiving what is beyond the basic perception of the five senses.

When we see beyond our bodily designations, we can give up racial bias, fear and suspicion of others, and bring in love, cooperation, peace, harmony, and a higher quality of life. When this happens, people all over the world will feel its enhancing affects and be happier. The secret intrigues and maneuvers in politics and the aggressive actions and hostilities of war could decrease. This will be the social and spiritual transformation that is predicted to happen, and that is taking place right now. So many people are working in this way on so many different levels to help bring in these changes. Let us all work together in light and love to help the progress of everyone. This is The World Relief Network.

bulletFurthermore, it is apparent that while in this world it is often difficult to find sincere people who are not selfish or deceitful, and who are truthful and righteous. Even the major religions of the world have a history of control and domination, and of changing the records of history in order to make their own culture or institution look special or closer to God. Thus, the world can be a dangerous place, and few are those who follow or can show the correct path for humanity. Therefore, it is the aim of The World Relief Network to disseminate universal Spiritual Truths that are not subjected to manipulation or control by any religiously biased organization. Such Truth can assist anyone in understanding the deeper levels of any other religious philosophy. In this way, we are non-sectarian and non-denominational.

The purpose of this kind of spiritual education is to reawaken one's true spiritual identity and relationship with the Supreme. It is also to see the Divine within everyone and everything. In such a state, one is never lost or confused. He or she can then enter a constant state of peace, equanimity, compassion, sharing, and purpose in any circumstance. This is a state of mind that few seem to possess in this world today, which is a factor that certainly adds to the chaos exhibited by so many portions of this planet. If the mind is calm and tranquil in spiritual consciousness, even the worst of situations can be an abode of happiness. However, if the mind is agitated by material desires and the false aim of life, even the highest of heavens will not be enough and will become a place of anxiety and forms of misery. Thus, our state of mind will determine our attitude. Herein is the obvious need for spiritual knowledge that can lead to the perception of the real self. Once this is revealed, and better yet, once it is utilized by more and more people, a new state of consciousness can begin to pervade the world. This is all that can produce real favorable and progressive changes in society at large. The world has plenty of resources for everyone, but due to materialistic bias, favoritism, or one-sided politics, there is mismanagement. Thus, those who have plenty do not always share or help the needy, and, thus, parts of this planet go wanting. This is what needs to be adjusted to create a much more balanced world for all.

bulletAdditionally, it is also our contention that life itself is a path, a journey of becoming, of self-development. Along this path we may meet people who can help us, and whom we can help. Life is also short. We are all transients in this world. Thus, we should try to help all we can as they move forward on this path of life. In this way, by helping others we help ourselves.


bulletOne thing we want to clarify is that we are not posing as anyone's guru or pointing toward any particular religious institution. We are not proposing that one changes his religion. We are only presenting the highest level of genuine spiritual knowledge known to mankind in hopes of offering a shortcut to reducing one's suffering because of the engagement in misappropriate and materialistic activities. We are simply trying to offer a direct path to the highest levels of Spiritual Truth to all those who are most serious about not wasting time. However, even though we feel there are many paths to God, we also feel that each path should be realistically understood in regard to its genuineness, authenticity, practicality, efficiency, and depth of wisdom and the realizations attained from it. Such an understanding itself will lead one toward a particular path that is most suitable for him or her, depending on what a person wishes to accomplish spiritually.
bulletOne final point is that we also have to look at our hopes and objectives realistically. We know there are institutions, religious and otherwise, that have or are still trying to block the knowledge we are presenting from the general masses. As history has shown, religious dictatorship has been accomplished and maintained by disallowing people the freedom to be individuals, or to have the ability to decide how they wish to pursue their own understanding of life and God. Often this kind of control is maintained by the propaganda that is forced on people, by one way or another, to make them think that there is no Supreme Person (as proposed by the communist philosophy), or that they have no relationship with the Supreme without the church or institution, or without the acceptance of the rest of the religious community. Or that they will be condemned to eternal hell if there is no intervention of the church, with which they must maintain the best of relations. Therefore, spiritual knowledge that proposes that people can have and always had their own relationship with God, which simply needs to be reawakened since they are naturally a part and parcel of this Supreme loving Being anyway, is often attempted to be squelched by the disapproving dark forces, or those trying to monopolize the way to God. Let's face it, there has been lots of money made in offering people a quick promise of salvation.

Therefore, it is certainly these malevolent forces which have appeared in many places that have tried to control the thought processes of society, and, thus, mass consciousness and behavior. We are attempting to allow humanity to step outside this control and into the freedom of true spirituality. In this way, we do not propose to take something and fix it, but we are simply trying to start afresh with this tried and proven spiritual information. That is why everything we are presenting is the knowledge and a way of viewing life that does not necessitate a church or institution. It can be accomplished right within one's own home wherever he or she may be.

This is not to say that a temple or church is not useful. They certainly are. The association with other like-minded people is necessary and encouraging, and a central gathering place within the community as a house of God can be especially beneficial. And there certainly should be a code of ethics and standard for living as deemed appropriate by each particular religion. But as soon as the church or institution presents a fear-based dogma that without it people have no position in their relation to God, then it has already failed in being a true representative of the Supreme Being's ever-loving nature. This is the advantage of a network of people all working together without a centralized bureaucracy issuing the dictates that people must follow, but only presenting spiritual knowledge that people can apply as best they can, or to the degree in which they are able, knowing full well that whatever advancement they can make is an eternal benefit because it stays with the soul. Once again, that is what The World Relief Network is all about. Thus, one can be affiliated with whatever religious process one wants, and still use the information we are providing to enhance their spiritual understanding and progress. Therefore, our specific goals are:

  1. To show that everyone is a part of God and part of His plan.
  2. To spread sanatana-dharma, information about the eternal nature of the soul,  the seed of unity between everyone and all religions.
  3. To provide the knowledge and formula for World Peace and Spiritual Enlightenment, the way of realizing our spiritual identity, through books for the benefit of everyone.
  4. To show that the eternal identity of the soul is a Universal Truth, beyond the confines of all dogmas or religious institutions. It belongs to and is the natural right of all people.
  5. To provide the path to God through the means of prayer, meditation, congregational singing, and service to God and humanity. 
  6. To unite humanity under the symbol of love for the Supreme Divinity and the Divine Nature in all of us, and to rise above all prejudices by the cultivation of Divine Wisdom, and thus present a change of consciousness for all mankind. 
  7. To show that no one is alone in their search for Spiritual Truth, and to offer association to others in encouraging their advancement in wisdom, love, truth, and compassion to dispel the darkness of ignorance and get closer to God.

In this way, may we be of service to all living beings everywhere. 

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