Views of People of India # 2

Find your future in the lines of your palm. A palmreader on the streets of Tanjore in South India.


A Rajasthani man and the typical but royal style of turbans often seen worn by men there.


College girls and friends from Punjab taking a pilgrimage to Rishikesh.


A snake charmer with two cobras near the City Palace in Jaipur.


A young boy happy to be photographed in Vrindavana.


A usual sight in the small villages of a woman carrying a pot of water, Vrindavana.


A flower vendor selling garlands to devotees who will offer it to the deity in the temple. A usual sight found in front of temples.


An old sadhu (saintly man) for whom I bought a few bags of rice in the holy town of Varanasi.


Weaving cloth in the holy town of Kanchipuram, a place known for its variety of fine textiles.


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