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This is a sample of the many email letters I get in which viewers voice their opinion or appreciation of the work I've put into this web site. These have come from all parts of the United States, as well as such places as Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, India, Belgium, etc. Needless to say, these letters provide great encouragement to me, and help motivate me to continue to always endeavor to make this web site, along with my articles and books, more useful and practical for people of many levels of spiritual interest. All letters are on file.

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Hi Stephen,
    I came to know about your website when I was researching on prof. Mohammed prediction in Bhavishya Puran. What a great article it is. Then there was no looking back. I read many of your books, especially like 1000 year history of occupation of India. These facts are not taught to us in schools which is a shame, as they are historical facts.
    I have become regular visitor of your website. I am born in a lower caste family, but after reading what it means from your article, now I am comfortable with this fact.
    Hopefully, my Indian brothers and sisters read your articles/books and be proud of heritage. These days I see lots of western influence in India which is not good.
    Bharat, 11/30/2015


Namaskar Stephen,

        I came across your website while reading about Tejo Mahalaya. For my surprise, I newly recognized my religion. I was so much misguided & sometimes felt sad about my religion. But after greedily reading your articles I got answers to many of questions regarding my religion. Your work & efforts are absolutely remarkable! Further, not being born as Hindu & in Indian race, your knowledge about Hinduism is extraordinary. This makes me proud about yourself & same time I feel somewhat ashamed of my Indian brothers & sisters who have forgotten their great heritage & blindly following the western lifestyle! I really wish from my heart that all my Hindu brothers & sisters should become aware about Great Vedic Culture. Many more people should read your articles.

    Thanks for Divine work & God bless You!

    V K Hanna, October, 25, 2011



Dear Stephen, Your highly esteemed website has served to explain, elucidate and simplify the deep and often confusing prescriptions of the Vedas. Your sterling effort and incessant perseverance in maintaining this discourse and lecture is highly appreciated and valued. is an effective contribution in dispelling ignorance and darkness by clearing misunderstandings and clarifying often misconstrued concepts in vedic canons and Hindu spiritualism.
With best regards, Shiv Satchit, Sept. 27, 2011



I chanced upon your website a few days back and i have to say it is a wonderful website and the articles completely satisfy my ever expanding spiritual curiosity. The effort put in to distribute REAL knowledge to everyone is absolutely commendable. I am truly a fan! May Lord Krishna be with you always.

Adithya Narayan,  June 4, 2011



Mr. Stephen,

    I feel very honored writing this email to you. Am a very much Hindu from the core with the grace of God and my parents. I stumbled your site w.r.t. Tejo Mahalaya and after going through the artifacts on your website am prouder than ever of being an Hindu!!! You have done and are doing a GREAT service to bring back Hindu religion to it's pinnacle by bringing all the awareness and knowledge to the table. After going through your website, I had very painful words to say: Today's Hindu is totally blind unless his core beliefs are strong and I am so sorry to see my fellow Hindu brothers and sisters so ignorant or misguided.

    Words are not enough for amazing work you have done so far. Am sure you have divine bliss. My shat shat (hundreds and hundreds) pranam to you!!!
-regards,  Yogee,   4/12/2011



Jugal Wagh posted on your Wall on Facebook:
    "I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful articles. They all are like precious gems. I was a very negative thinker but by reading your article 'your thoughts create your future', i m trying to change myself. Am very very grateful to you. Plz keep enlightening us. Thank u." (Nov. 21, 2010)


For the attention of Mr. Stephen Knapp,

I came across you website yesterday whilst searching for articles on vegetarianism. Having read your website and about you, I could not delay any further to express my divine love and respect for you. Your activities on Sanatan dharma, sharing your knowledge and experience with the world, your divine intentions for humanity - I can only feel that you are an avatar of Shri Krishna. Having read about the extensive research you have done and are doing on Vedic culture and religion and availing it in the English language to millions of people including to those Indians who have lost their basic culture, I get tears of happiness. May God's blessings be showered upon you eternally,

    Mrs. A. Shah, Birmingham, United Kingdom.  August 6, 2010


Dear Stephen,

Just want to thank you for the wonderful work that your doing. I appreciate it a lot and am pretty sure that i am not the only one. Sanatana-Dharma or Vedic religion is the only hope in this chaotic religious world where every religion claims to be the truth. Just as it has changed your life it has changed my life too. Your website contains a lot of information and it helps me explain to a lot of people about the truth of our religion which extends far beyond false gods, idolators  or pagans. Lord Sri Krishna does not say any of this which is why anyone can really love him as he is. You have inspired me and a lot of people to take personal endeavors of spreading this religion and its teachings for upholding Dharma.
Thanks a ton.  J. Dhorda,  5/14/2010

Dear Sri Nandanandana Prabhu, 

    I am V. Gandhi and currently working in UK.
    First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me such a wonderful wisdom of my Vedic Dharma through your books.
    I was quite frustrated from the last 3-4 months because of some of the Muslim tv presenter and their usual way of Vedic text torturing for their purpose. Because of that, in my company, some Muslims started asking me about those things (e.g. Mohammad is a Kalki avatar and so on), and I was not able to answer them properly.
I was deeply annoyed with this act and started searching answers on net. On youtube I found some of your videos and straight a way I ordered some of your books:

The Secret Teachings of the Vedas

The Universal Path to Enlightenment,

The Vedic Prophecies: A New Look into the Future

How the Universe was Created and Our Purpose In It,

Crimes Against India: And the Need to Protect its Ancient Vedic Traditions.

    After going through some of the books, I can certainly present my Dharma to anyone with confident and humble manner.

I am very confident, happy and feel proud of my Dharma. I have got 95% of all my answers with correct references.

    These books have ability to boost confidence in any Hindu. I do not know, whether these books are available in India. If not, then, it is a polite request to please make them available in India.

    Prabhu, you are doing excellent work for this great cause. Please keep it up. We are with you.

    After returning back to India, I will certainly use some of the paths you shown in these books to knowledge people around my village.

    Thank you once again!

     Yours faithfully, V. Gandhi, 4/17/2010

A google search on the Taj Mahal took me to your website and I couldn't be happier by what I found. Your website is a treasure of knowledge about my own Dharma. I greatly adore your work and keep reading whenever I find time. I have come to a belief that it is really about self exploration, than just reading books and acquiring knowledge, per se.
        Sachin L, Naperville, IL. 4/15/2010

ohm Shantih has posted a comment on your youtube profile:

Thank you Mr. Knapp. Hope the divine consciousness (Lord Almighty) enlightens the souls and sends them as a cool breeze of fresh air of divine love as he sent you on the earth to relieve the perishing souls from the misery of delusion. Your words and your works will save the mortals and keep them on the right track of enlightenment, the path to the Truth Ultimate, the Lord Almighty. Hare Krishna.  3/10/2010


        "Mr. Knapp... your YOUTUBE videos and literatures are ALWAYS  illuminating  You are a genius that has deeply absorbed Srila Prabupada's life and works and are educating everyone. May all of Radha & Krsna's Blessings forever be upon you ... and your mission !  Jai !"

        From Nick, sent through Facebook, Dec. 25, 2009.

        Sir, My name is Sandeep R G. I am from Hassan->Karnataka->India. I am from a simple-middle class-decent Brahmin family.
        I was browsing for some images in a search engine which took me to your site. I was quite astonished to see a westerner doing a lot of research on Vedic culture. As you can make out from my writing style, I am not an extra-ordinary person. However, I did understand many of your thought-provoking writings. Now, what I am trying to say is that people have often failed to understand the important aspects of Vedic culture only because the medium of communication was unintelligible to the common people. You (Stephen and Team) have done a marvelous job in bringing out the coded-facts and making it understable to fools like me. Job well done!  Warm regards, Sandeep. March 5, 2008.

Dear Srinandan ( Stephen Knapp)

         I have been diving into your website, and each time been rewarded with nuggets of wisdom, beauty and enlightenment. Thank you. It is no wonder that Lord Krishna and Radharani have blessed you with both divine art and deep insight. May you always be blessed and do more at your marvelous job.
     Radesh R.  Jan. 12, 2007

Namaskar Dearest Sirs,
         I am speechless and almost tearful at the information you have on this GREATEST of websites.  You alone could reconnect the Indian people and the entire of humanity to Vedic culture with your presentation of this eternal knowledge.  Thank you and Thanks to your Spiritual Masters for bringing this knowledge to the world...........     Would you please add me to your mailing list?  Bowing with thanks, respect, and admiration to you,   B P. Oct. 26, 2006

Hello Sir,

     This is Richa D. from India, I am an engineering student residing in Pune, Maharashtra.. I visited your site and sir I must say it is very influential and informative about my country and our culture! Your research is very deep and the amount of places you have visited in India is very influencing.
    Your vast knowledge about our culture, Vedic knowledge, Indian history and many things has just mesmerized to such an extent that I am mailing you to congratulate you on this! I am seriously very proud to see that a non-Indian person is so much passionate about Hinduism, our culture and India. your contribution to take Hinduism to its true level is amazing!
       I don't know whether you believe in this or not but in your last birth you must have been a Hindu! Thanking you and congratulating you again on all this I cut short my mail.. would love to be in touch with you.. thank you. . Richa D. Aug. 13, 2006


        Dear Stephen, I must say, that your website, is a stand-alone treatise on Hinduism. I thank the creator for having made you, as much as I thank you for being there - for us.   Siddharth N. Sept.2, 2006


       Dear Stephen, I came to know about our site two months ago and since then, I am a daily visitor of your site and I read many many articles during this short period. I am shocked and excited beyond words at seeing the unfolded episodes of Vedic history. It is an honour for me to be in your list and to work with you in spreading the message of Sanatana Dharma. Girish D., Resident of Dubai, UAE (Native of Kerala). July 5, 06

        Dear Srinandan, I visited your web site and it is a very revealing one. All the Hindus or followers of Sanathana Dharma are indebted to people like you for your continuous work on bringing up to light about the truth of its glory to the world. Thanks and Regards, Visvanathan, May 27, 05

        It amazes me the way you have written some articles. Though I have an idea of almost all the stuff in this website, I have no indepth knowledge of quoting certain Vedic text to explain things. You have a great gift of explaining ordinary things in an extraordinary way and yet in plain English to everyone's understanding.
        I really thank you from bottom of my heart for putting lots effort in giving abundant info on this site. I really appreciate your time. May Mother Bharathi bless you always...
        Its absolutely true that we are all connected with the cause of Sanatana-Dharma and yes, may be we are pre-determined this in our previous birth. I always believe that our co-incidental meeting is also pre-planned by the Paramatman. He always gets the like minded people who work for the noble cause together, which we may have asked him for, in our previous birth. Hari Om, Narendranath. March 28, 05

        Hari om, This is one site I always keep going through and always find something interesting in it, may be due to the different projects of Stephen which are covered fabulously. I am just bold out by his work. He is too good. I hope someday I can join him in his good work… Please keep me updated with the latest projects of Stephen. Thanks and regards, Sanjeev, 4/14/05

        Dear Mr. Knapp, Accept my hearty congratulations, for putting up a great website about Vedic Culture and Spirituality. The photographic evidence of Taj Mahal and other buildings in Delhi which are supposed to be Mughal, was fantastic. It shows that what is claimed to be Islamic period buildings, half of those buildings could be Hindu buildings robbed by Muslim rulers in India. I recently read your book: 'The Secret Teachings of the Vedas - Eastern Answers to the Mysteries of Life'. It was an eye opener for me to discover the antiquity and the greatness of the Vedic Culture, Spirituality, Sciences, Arts and Literature. I am keen to read all the other titles of the 'Eastern Answers to the Mysteries of Life' and all your other books... Congratulations once again. Keep up the great work and keep enlightening us always. Thank You. Regards, S. Kumar, Bangalore  2/4/2003

Respected Stephen,

        Namaste! I repeat, I am absolutely amazed at the good work on your website. Given a chance, I would have done the same. And I now see that someone (you) has already done it the way I myself have been dreaming and visualizing about. What a beautiful vision of dedicating your life and resources to enlighten the world about the beauty and timelessness of Santana Dharma and the common culture of humanity based on natural laws of Veda! I have downloaded some files from your site and am yet to go through all of them. Once again, I bow down to the 'Sattvic Pravrutti' in you which has served as a catalyst and has revealed so lucidly to the world about the treasures innate to all humans within themselves. Greetings on the festival of Deepavali, Namaste, T Kaushik.


        Dear Stephen, I'm very touched by the devotion you've shown to our traditions and practices, despite hailing from a totally different background. Born n raised in a hindu family, its hard to be so well informed and widely-read! Seeing the work you and the like have done, i've started my quest for a better understanding of our scriptures and vedas. My salutations to your efforts. Warm regards, Harini Muralidharan 4/22/2003

        Dear Sir, Some days back I chanced on your website whilst browsing the internet. May I tell you that you are doing a lot more for Hinduism than a born Brahmin Hindu like myself is doing. Thank you. I am a Tamil Brahmin Iyengar from Chennai. Your website is a real reminder/eye opener.  Thanks and best regards, K. G. 6/5/2003

        Dear Mr Knapp, Your site touched me. I am gratified that there are some (maybe few) souls in the world who care for diversity and look for unity. I pray that more such atmas’ like your great self may grow and look at Hinduism as a tree that needs protection and care. Regards, K. Rajaraman, 3/9/2004 

        Dear Sir, Pranaam. Your article 'Why Be A Hindu' is a classic, in short it is a master piece of work which should be revered for its truth. I was really astounded to find such a vivid and concise description. I really appreciate your work and I read another article of Yours when you were in South Africa. I truly believe you to be an eternal devotee of Lord Vishnu. Please accept my salutations to You. Please spread your message of Peace which is achievable in this dirty and violent world only through the spread of the eternal spirit of Bhagawad Gita and Vedic Culture (true vedic culture devoid of any caste or race which was inflicted on Vedic system by people for their selfish ends).
    I believe after your present life You wil be Serving the LORD KRISHNA in eternity. MAY LORD BLESS YOU...  In the name of Lord Krishna (The Supreme Being).
    Thank you for your devotional service and spread of Love of Lord Krishna. Indrasena Reddy, 9/12/04

    Hare Krishna Sri Nandanandana Prabhu. I hope all is well with you and that your Janmastami was great. I went through the images on your web site and please let me say "Wow!" I've never been to India. I do see pictures here and there, but going through your site and looking at everything while reading the captions, was like taking a tour of India. You get drawn in so easily that I kind of feel like now I've been there. I really didn't expect this at all. It was fun. I know it took a lot of work to set this all up. Good job. Subala, 9/7/04


    I was a Sanskrit major in college 50 years ago and have been a lifelong student of the Vedas and have been to India many times. I have been reading your books lately and am really impressed with your ability to make this whole world of knowledge accessable to the Western reader.  I have the Bhagavata Purana from ISKCON but had not read any of the others even in English. Reading your books and studying your many helpful references has encouraged me to order the 68 volume (English) AITM. Keep up the good work,

    P. Patton, Professor, St Thomas University, St Paul, MN, December, 2004


    I've stumbled across your sight looking for the chant to accompany 108 names of divine mother and am astounded at the wealth and wonder within.  Thank you for making knowledge I so passionately desire to know accessible and available. Peace, Suzannah, December, 2004.

    I have only just started to look through your site, and I just wanted to tell you how very beautiful it is. What is shared with us, the writing, the spirit of India is greatly moving. I looked  through many sites before this one - and they were all too detached, too tourist oriented - and not at all holding the essence that is India. Not touching upon the spirit therein.... but yours lives and breathes it.  Thanks so very much for all you have shared. Amy, 6/15/02

    Dear Sir, My humble Namaskars! First of all I want to express my sincere thanks for this eye-opening website ( It has been a guiding light in this baffling modern world. Sir, the photograph collection on this site has been amazing... I express my thanks to Stephen Knapp and his team. Jaya Ram, R. 11/6/01

    Mr. Stephen Knapp. I browsed through your website. It was very informative. As a Indian and a Hindu I have to admit that even I didn't know or realize a lot of things about Hindu religion which you have mentioned on your site. Please continue to provide me with information like this. I would be happy to gain more knowledge about Indian culture. AD. 10/25/01

    Namaskaram. I had a quick look at your website and I like it a lot! I like the bit about the photographic evidence that the Taj was originally a Shiva Temple, it's brilliant! I've forwarded this info to many friends. I adore Sanatana Dharma & I really appreciate a website like yours! I love Bharat Mata & I think you're doing a wonderful job by upholding Sanatana Dharma in your own way. Please keep me on your mailing list for any updates. Thanks a lot. Sincerely, A. 10/25/01

    Dear Srinandan, On behalf of India and all well-wishers of Humanity, I congratulate you for putting up a WONDERFUL SITE!! While going through your site, your special feature article: "Terrorism Strikes America--A Spiritual Perspective" was the one which impressed me most. Only Stephen, with his deep understanding could have written this Masterpiece. It is full of wisdom. I request you to give us permission to carry the above article on our website. With warm regards. E. 10/8/01

    Namaste, I was amazed to see your website... job well done in revealing lots of truths!!! The most shocking were the pictures that you have on your website. I have been looking for them since long time to prove our point! I would appreciate it if you would allow me to showcase your findings about Vedic Civilization around the world. Your favorable reply would be highly appreciated. BG. 10/3/01

    Thank you for your info text. I had a look at your web site. I knew it already but I am again astonished by the clear structure of your web site and writings. Thank you very much for doing such a good research, etc. I hope many people will be uplifted by finding your site. Please keep up the good spirit. HD. 9/30/01

    Dear Shri Sri Nandanandana ji: Thank you very much for providing me with this most valuable link. I know I will be using it often now. SM. 9/30/01

    Dear Sri Nandanandana dasa, I visit your website regularly and read many articles. It is my great fortune that I came across a very knowledgeable and enlightened Vaishnava like you to understand the Absolute Truth in my life. I can't say in words how much I appreciate your books/articles and advice. It is the causeless mercy of Supreme Lord that He found this miserable and fallen soul to be enlightened about Vedic Culture and wisdom and sent you to me... Again, please accept my sincere pranams at your feet. SRB. 9/27/01

    Dear Friends, I am from Romania. I write to you in the name of a small group of students living here. These days we had the chance to sail on the Internet and, among all those wonderful things there, we have found a link to you. And after visiting your web-site, we were truly amazed by your vision over the human spirit. E. 10/22/01

    Your ever enlightening writings have been like a life vest in the ocean of nescience for me. I have read and reread "Your Thoughts Create Your Future," and each time for a while I get relief from my worst enemy, the mind. I was blessed to serve Srila Prabhupada and to receive first and second initiation. I know your work must give him great pleasure. My thanks and encouragement to you. Keep up the great work, Hare Krishna, GD. 10/21/01

    Dear Mr. Stephen Knapp, Namaste. I very much enjoy reading all your materials particularly in the present context. I congratulate you on your wonderful service. Please keep me informed of all the additions you might do in terms of books or articles. Thank you again. Best regards, UM. 10/19/01

    Dear Prabhu, Your website is very nice. I particularly enjoyed your article on the Taj Mahal. Your info on the Taj is the clearest I have read thus far. Well done. AD. 10/24/01

    Dear Nandanandana Prabhu, I really enjoyed your books and your website. My major in undergrad was archeology, so I found many of the points you elaborated to be done in a very concise and professional manner. I occasionally lecture at local schools and universities and have used your research to illustrate my topics. Thank you once again for keeping alive the mission of our spiritual Father Srila Prabhupada, by following his instructions. SD. 9/24/01

    Prabhu, My husband and I really enjoyed your book "Proof of Vedic Culture's Global Existence." We've got your other books as well. They are just amazing. I recently visited your website. Thank you for all the information you share with us. I asked my friends and family (most of them Hindu) to visit your website. AD & MD. 11/8/01

    Dear Prabhu, I just had to thank you for your well-written articles! I have started to use them by sending them via internet to interested family members and friends. Your articles are the best I have found in explaining any given subject. Your articles, and website, are perfect for persons who have opened their minds... just a little bit... for some intelligence to enter in... and when continued interest develops, then I give them one of Prabhupada's books! All glories to your service to Srila Prabhupada! MD. 11/7/01

    Thank you for this. Went to the site and read about half way thru the pics [about the Taj Mahal]. Thank you, thank you for telling the world about this dreadful fraud. Great work. Keep it up. R. 11/6/01

    Your research certainly is a significant display of the archeological achievements of the modern Vedic culture that you represent. Best regards, ED. 10/3/01

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