Recent Archeological Finds Confirming Vedic History


        Additional evidence of the truths of Vedic culture is continually being uncovered. So this is a new project in which we will list some of the most noteworthy archeological finds that tend to confirm the Vedic descriptions of world history. There are also other papers that are included in which new developments or research are discussed. We will continue to update this information as new discoveries are developed, or as additional news is sent in to us. So if you learn of anything newsworthy in this regard, feel free to send it in to us so we might include it on this page. 

Some of the Archeological Discoveries of 2002  This lists: 1. A City Dating Back to 7500 BC, 2. Recent Archeological Find Could Rewrite History, 3. Ancient Egyptian Flight Technology, 4. Treasures Discovered at the Ancient Angkor Wat, 5. Sixty-five Million Year Old Crocodile Fossils, 6. Ancient City Found Off the Coast of Mamallapuram, 7. Links Between Ancient India and Mayans, 8. Ancient Stone Maps Over 120 Million Years Old, 9. Taxila 600 Years Older than Earlier Believed, 10. Buried Shiva Temples Found, 11. Evidence of Ancient Sea Trade Between Rome and India, 12. Shiva Lingams Found in Vietnam, 13. India was the First Source of Diamonds, 14. Ancient Hindu Temple Discovered in Indonesia, 15. A 7000 Year Old Temple in Mallesvaram, 16. Satellite Photos of the Ancient Bridge Between Ramesvaram and Sri Lanka, 17. A 40,000 Year Old Cave Painting South of New Delhi, 18 Stealth Bomber From Shastra, 19. Koreans Search for Roots in Ayodhya. 

Some of the Archeological Discoveries of 2003  lists some of what has been discovered so far, such as: 1. Ancient Cities in Tamil Nadu May Be Over 7,000 Years Old, 2. The Ancient Gene Pool of Tamil Nadu, 3. New Theories Place Ancient Humans in India, 4. Ancient Seals Found at Hatab Site, 5. More Vedic Temples Discovered in Cambodia, 6. Oldest Habited Anthropological Find in India,  7. Ancient Fossil on Ancient Sarasvati River.

Some of the Archeological Finds of 2004 & 2005 includes: 1. 5000 Year Old Harappan Township Found in Haryana, 2. Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Maritime Spice Route Between India, Egypt, 3. India has the Earliest Art, 4. Aryan burial found in Russian city of Omsk, 5, Ancient Krishna Balarama Coins, 6. Pre-Harappan Evidence Found in Gulf of Cambay, 7. Ancient Nuclear Blasts and Levitating Stones of Shivapur, 8. Tsunami Uncovered Ancient Port City In Southern India, 9 Newly-discovered Mamallapuram temple fascinates archaeologists.

More Archeological Finds From 2006 & 2007 and After: 1. Astrological Finds in Brazil Rainforests, 2. First Harappan Burial site Found in Sinauli, Uttar Pradesh, 3. Undersea Temple Found Off India's East Coast. 4. Ancient Vishnu Deity Discovered in Russia, 5. Harappan period cemetery unearthed in UP, 6. New Harappan site discovered in Rohtak district,  7.  2nd Century BC Buddhist Art Cave Discovered, 8. Recent Wood Structure Found at Dvaraka,  9. Archeological find to determine exact age of ancient Dwarka, 10. Buddha Paintings Found in Cave in Nepal, 11. 18 ancient clay seals found at Bhasu Bihar.

More Archeological Finds From 2008 and After:  1. Tamil Brahmi Script Found in Egypt, 2. Ancient City Discovered in India, 3. Ancient Camel Bones Found in Arizona, 4. South American Apple Seeds Found in Ancient Indian Sites, 5. Ancient weapons dug up in India, 6. Proposed excavations may rewrite NE India history, 7. 1400-yr-old Monastery Unearthed, 8. New finds take archaeologists closer to Krishna, 9. Discovery of Older City than Mohenjodaro, 10. Pre-Angkor Civilization Site, 11. Anchor of Chinese make found off Gujarat Coast, 12. City archaeologists discover Harappan graves, 13. 1400-year-old Lakshmi Deity Found in J&K, 14. Australian Aborigines of Indian origin? 15. Statue of Lord Shiva’s sacred bull found at site of ancient Hindu temple in Indonesia, 16. Evidence the People Existed 74,000 Years Ago in India, 17. Ancient Hindu Temples Found in Indonesia, 18. 4,500-year-old Harappan settlement excavated in Kutch, 19. Bronze-era Buddhist sites discovered, 20. Ancient Chola period temple unearthed in North Jaffna, 21. A City Bigger than Athens, 22. Half-man, Half-lion Figure in Germany, 23. An Angkoran Ruin in Laos, 24. First Astro Observatory of Harappan Civilization Found in Kutch, 25. Bihar Stupa Could Contain Buddha Relics, 26. Ancient Idol of Lord Vishnu found during excavation in an old village in Russia’s Volga Region, 27. Indus Valley 2000 Years Older than Thought, 28. Human Skull with World’s Oldest Successful Brain Surgery discovered in India, 29. Mahendraparvata, 1,200-Year-Old Lost Medieval City In Cambodia, Unearthed By Archaeologists, 30. Petroglyph in India May Be Oldest Known Sky Chart and Supernova Depiction, 31. Prehistoric art hints at lost Indian civilization.

The Sarasvati River  provides articles on the ongoing discovery and work to recover the route of the ancient Sarasvati River that is described in the Rig-veda, and a satellite photo of the Sarasvati River basin. This includes such articles as: 1. India's Miracle River, 2. The Recent Research into the Sarasvati River, 3. Efforts to Trace Saraswati's Origin, 4. Project to Revive Sarasvati River, 5. Indian Satellites Find Water Under Desert, 6. Riddle of the River Sarasvati, 7. Bringing Back the Sarasvati, 8. Unearthing Lost Sarasvati Cities. 

Ayodhya and the Research on the Temple of Lord Rama offers some of the latest developments regarding the archeological research on the ancient temple of Lord Rama at His birthplace at Ayodhya. This has: 1. The article by N. S. Rajarama, "What We Need to Know About Ayodhya";  2. Archaeological Excavations at Sri Rama Janma Bhumi; 3. Archeological Society of India Says Temple Existed at Ramjanmabhoomi Site; 4. The ASI Report on Ayodhya. 5. Some website for more information, 6. The Ayodhya Issue: A Summary of the History of the Ram Temple, 6. Archeological Evidence of Sri Ram and His Birthplace -- A Page from History, by Dr. B. B. Lal.  

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