Radha Kund Photos # 2

     Here are some of my photos of Radha Kund. (These have been reduced in size from large files to smaller ones, easier to download on the web.) To find out more about Radha Kund and the stories about it, you can read this article: Radha Kund: The Holy Place of Srimati Radharani.

Here is a view of Radha Kund at night with the moon in the sky.


Another view of pilgrims taking a sacred dip or putting water on the heads at Radha Kund. Some are worshipping the Govardhan deity in the small temple in the causeway or sangam, which is the meeting place between the Radha Kund and Shyama Kund on the right.


A view of the flow of pilgrims as they wander around Radha Kund at night.


Pilgrims and devotees waiting around the banks of Radha Kund to take a midnight dip on the evening of Bahulastami, the celebration of when Radha Kund appeared.


Everyone offers a deepa, or ghee lamp to the Radha Kund.


Another view of Radha Kund at night on Bahulastami.


Another view of the devotees and participants who take their midnight bath in Radha Kund.


On Diwali, the nearby sweetshops have stacks of different kinds of sweets ready to be purchased by those celebrating the event.


In the evening, Radha Kund is surrounded by rows of ghee lamps in celebration of Diwali.


Those who celebrate Diwali also offer ghee lamps to Radha Kund, who is no different than Radharani Herself. Radha Kund is considered the liquid form of Radharani's bliss.


Another view of participants of Diwali celebrating at Radha Kund at night.


An older devotee offering ghee lamps to one of the deities in a temple near Radha Kund.


The deities of Lord Gopinatha in the middle with Srimati Radharani on the right and Lalita on the left. Here it is the holy day of Gopastami, when Srimati Radharani shows Her feet.


Here are the deities of Lord Govinda and Radharani on Gopastami next to the parikrama road at Radha Kund.


Our last view of Radha Kund and the numerous pilgrims and devotees who attend to take advantage of the sacredness of this holy place.


By coming to Radha Kund and bathing in Her waters, we get the mercy of Srimati Radharani and Lord Krishna. Radha Kund is considered no different than Radharani, and Lord Krishna says that whoever bathes in these sacred waters, which is His favorite place, will get the mercy of Srimati Radharani and attain love of God.

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