More Photographs #2

One thing about traveling in India, there are plenty of unique opportunities to see people in all kinds of activities and situations. The person on the left is a souvenir vendor in Kathmandu. The one on the right is a vendor of kumkum powder on the streets near the Pashupatinatha temple outside of Kathmandu.
















Here is a brass vendor in Rishikesh on the left, while on the right we see a carpet maker in Dharamsala, in Northern India.  















On the left we see women worshiping an image Ganesh before entering a Shiva temple in Khajurao. On the right is a priest sitting in the doorway of his temple to Sri Sri Sita-Rama in Ayodhya, the city of Lord Rama.
















Here we see some ladies dressed in their heavy silver jewelry, as I saw them while I was riding on a train on my way to Bijapur.


Here pilgrims show honor to an image of Kal Bhairav, a fearful image of the protecting aspect of Lord Shiva. This is in Kathmandu, Nepal, northeast of India.


Another sight you are likely to see when traveling to any of the holy places are the sadhus (holy men) who will be making their pilgrimage to many sacred sites located throughout India. Below we see a group of sadhus starting out in the early morning in Vrindavana, the major holy town related to Lord Krishna. They often travel with no more than one or two sets of clothes, a walking stick, and their stainless steel container for water or food.


Below is a group of Buddhists chanting slokas from the Buddhist texts at a conference at Bodhgaya. 


Another group of Buddhists engaged in a ceremony in one of the temples at Bodhgaya.


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