How You Can Help


        If you like this website and the work Stephen has done for the promotion and wider understanding of Vedic culture, and for the protection and continuation of Vedic Dharma, then there are a few things you can do.

1. Tell Others About This Site.

        In order to assist in the work of promoting and protecting Vedic Dharma, which Stephen is working on continually, please tell others about this site and the work that Stephen has done. This will be extremely helpful. Also, post a link to this website on your own site, and have others do the same to increase the number of people who can take advantage of the information here. 


2. Use and Distribute the Information Available Here

        Be sure to spread the information by emailing articles that you like to those who would be interested. Also, download the free e-books for your own use and for printing and distributing to others, or using the free brochures for your own work of promoting Vedic culture in your temple or individually to your friends or others who have questions or are interested.


3. Buy The Books that Have been Published.

        The books that are written and published are of course another aspect of spreading a wider and deeper understanding of what Vedic culture and philosophy has to offer everyone. Writing such material is time consuming and costs money to do. So you can support this by the purchase of some of the books, either for your own reading and research to expand your own understanding of Vedic culture and philosophy, or for gifting or loaning to others. Also tell others of the work and books that Stephen has produced.  


4. Contribute Financially to the Cause

        Stephen is always working in various ways on projects, research and writing to help spread the genuine spirituality of the Vedic tradition. He is a man of modest means, living a simple lifestyle and focusing on his own spiritual development and the advancement of people in general. This is all he does. Unfortunately, there is little you can do in this world that does not require financial funding in some way. The time required for his writing, research, and sharing his insights and experience with others all takes some financial support. So if anyone wishes to keep this kind of work going without interruption, then whatever financial contributions that can be provided are more than appreciated and never wasted. Any amount can help.

        Anyone can provide such contributions by sending them to directly to Stephen at:


Stephen Knapp

P. O. Box 15082

Detroit, Michigan

48215   USA  

        Thank you for your assistance in any of these ways. You also get spiritual merit by contributing to the benefit of others and for the spiritual progress that other people make. The more we all work together in this way, the easier it becomes and the more we all make a positive difference and impact on the conditions of the world. And right now there is no greater need than the upliftment of the consciousness of the general mass of people who inhabit this planet. You can help in this way. 

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