Far Northeast India Photos, Group Two


Below is the Dharma Wheel symbol above the front gate of the Rumtek Monastery, Gangtok.



The important Buddhist temple and monastery of Rumtek near Gangtok, Sikhim. 



The front doors to the main temple at Rumtek. 



A few friendly monks at Rumtek.




The important Tantric Kamakhya Temple in Guahati, Assam.




A traditional welcome of the Bodo Tribe in Udalgiri, Assam. 



A Vedic homa ritual conducted by the people of the Bodo Tribe in Udalgiri, Assam. 



The traditional Sahtraloi Dance of the Bodo Tribe in Udalgiri, Assam. This is a dance performed before going to war. 




The Bagrumba or Butterfly dance performed in traditional tribal dress of the Bodos in Harisingh, Assam.



The Khari dance performed on sharp blades. By proper preparation and concentration, she dances on the sharp knives without cutting her feet. This is miraculous. I was shown the blades up close and they are very sharp. 



Hand weaving for bags and purses by a lady in Tezu, Arunachala Pradesh. 




Girls at a school in Tezu. They had to stop and peak in the door to see me just before I was to leave for my next destination. The people of Northeast are all very loving and hospitable. They all had to shake my hand and even give me a few of the local fruits for my trip.




This tribal girl in Wakro, Arunachal Pradesh, learned the art of weaving and made her own beautiful shawl, which she is wearing. 


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