Far Northeast India Photos, Group Three

This is Parashurama Kund, where Parashurama did austerities for purification. The cool waters come down from the nearby mountains. You can see a rock formation across the water that is supposed to be his axe.  


The interior of a traditional house in Khonsa. The floor, walls, and furniture are all made from bamboo strips. It is a natural and plentiful resource. The people are so skilled that if ever a bamboo house burns down, they can rebuild it in a couple days.  



Here is a complete bamboo house. To compensate for building the house on the hills, which are everywhere in this region, they make the houses on polls to keep the house level. There are people who live here who have never seen the plains. They do not know what flat lands are like. 


Here I am with a family on their porch in Khonsa. They are all very gentle and hospitable here in Arunachala Pradesh. 



A group from the Tongsa tribe in the village of New Chingsu, Arunachala Pradesh, in front of their community house where I gave a little talk.



The hill top city of Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. 



One of the tribal houses in the Naga Heritage Village. This little village was made for a unique tribal festival in which all the local tribes would make their own style of traditional houses from bamboo. During the festival they would also wear only their traditional and clothes and exhibit their old dances and customs. This is not far from Kohima.



Below left is a Naga family man with his three young children. On the right is a mother and son getting ready to work.  

















Friends talking near a fire for tea inside a Naga house in the hill top village of Viswema, Nagaland. 


A friendly Naga lady. 



Naga men in traditional outfits engaged in a chorus of the old customary songs. 


Naga men showing some of the traditional dances of the Naga tribes. 



Naga ladies doing a traditional song. 


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