Far Northeast India Photos, Group One

    The Far Northeast region or India is an area where many westerners do not often go to, or are not always able to visit due to permit restrictions. Plus, merely going as a tourist will not give a person the opportunity to interact with many of the tribes or indigenous people that I was able to visit. So many of these photographs are somewhat rare for a foreigner to take. However, traveling with friends and knowing the culture as I do helped break through the barriers to allow me to have these extra experiences that I can now share on my web site. However, these are only a few of the hundreds of photos that I took.  


Below is the town of Darjeeling on the ridge top with Kachenjunga Mountain in the background.



Below is the Kachenjunga mountain at sunrise, viewed from Tiger Hill. Darjeeling in on the ridge. 



A close up of Kachenjunga mountain from Tiger Hill, Darjeeling. 



Another view of Kachenjunga mountain from near Observatory Hill in Darjeeling. 



The Buddha inside the Goom Monastery, Darjeeling. 



A view of the hilltop city of Gangtok, Sikhim. 



An old lady Buddhist walking in front of the Royal Chapel, a Buddhist temple in Gangtok. Many of the older resident Buddhists come here to practice their Dharma. 



Below are two typical and older Buddhist ladies from Gangtok. 














A small school for young Buddhist monks across from the Royal Chapel, Gangtok. 


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