Far Northeast India Photos, Group Four

One of the unique things found in Imphal, the capital of Manipur, is this market place called "Mother's Market". It is only for women vendors. They sell everything from fruits and vegetables, to salt and spices, textiles, kitchen utensils, etc.  



Here is a lady who is tending her wares at the Mother's Market. Vaishnavism, or the worship of Lord Vishnu, is quite prominent in Manipur and you can see many of the women who wear not only the red bindi on their foreheads, but also the whitish "V" tilok indicating their devotion to Lord Vishnu and Krishna.   



Another view of a lady at Mother's Market selling rice. 



Here is a group photo of the dancers of the Rongmei tribe in their village near Imphal, Manipur. They are wearing traditional clothes of their tribe.



The Rongmei dancers in action at the Tingkao Ragwang Chap-Riak Temple where the main deities are the sun and moon. Ragwang is pronounced Rogwon similar to Bhagvan or God in the Vedic tradition. This was for a tribal celebration on December 25, 2003 where I gave a lecture on the importance of their tradition and its connection with Sanatana-dharma. It was a great festival.  



Another view of the Rongmei dancers. 


One of the most enchanting of all cultural traits of the Manipuris is their rendition of Lord Krishna's pastimes of the Rasa-lila dance. The gestures, the moods, the dress and movement in the dance will put you into another world. Here is Lord Krishna.  



Here in the Manipuri Rasa-lila dance is Krishna with His beloved Radha in the middle with four other gopis or cowherd damsels surrounding and serving Them. 


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