Directories of Temples, Ashramas and Spiritual Organizations

Listed below are directories of temples, associations, ashramas, and spiritual educational centers from around the world, for the spiritual paths of India and the East, as well as some publishing or catalog houses for books and other items. These have been prepared in response to the requests I've had to help people find such places that may be near them. Thirty years ago there were few to be found, except in India. Things have certainly changed since then. Now you can find them in so many places. So don't feel that you are alone. 

So, for those who want to continue their understanding or involvement in the Vedic or Eastern processes of spiritual development, and would like to find local temples that may be near you so that you can meet and associate with like-minded people, these lists may help. These lists, along with the additional websites on our "Links" page, can help you find many temples throughout the U.S., India and the world. Much more information about the major temples and traveling in India can be found in the books of Stephen Knapp.

Naturally, there are many more temples and organizations not listed, and those that are may move or close, so call or write to make sure these are still valid addresses. Furthermore, feel free to contact us to let us know of any new temples or ashramas that you feel should be listed.

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Directory # 1: The Hare Krishna temples located throughout the United States and Canada, all of which provide classes in Srimad-Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita, devotional chanting, worship, and bhakti-yoga in general.

Directory # 2: A list for the United States and Canada of other temples for Krishna, Shiva, Ganesh, etc., Jain temples, as well as various ashramas and organizations and publishing companies for books and catalogs.

Directory # 3: Lists the numerous Hare Krishna temples in India.

Directory # 4: A directory of the major ashramas in India where a person can enroll or stay to take courses in yoga and study or engage in other aspects of the spiritual paths found in India.

Directory # 5: A directory of the numerous Hare Krishna temples in all other countries around the globe.

Directory # 6: This is a link to a directory of all kinds of Yoga centers all over the world, from all the various traditions. Some of these may no longer by open, and I leave it up to the reader to find out more information about any center which may interest you. However, it is quite a thorough list. 

Directory # 7: You can also use this link for locating more temples around the world and their addresses and information, and even additional articles about Hinduism. 

Directory # 8: a link that offers a listing of temples in the US. 

Directory # 9: are these links to beautiful temples in and Around Bali: and

Directory # 10:  --  This link takes you to a page wherein you can look up all addresses, websites, etc., to all Iskcon temples, restaurants, gathering places or preaching centers.

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